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About LCAD

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Consumer Information

    1. Laguna College of Art and Design WASC Report

    2. SaVE / VAWA 2017-2018

    3. Institutional Complaint Process

    4. Campus-Safety-Annual-Report-2017

General Institutional Information

  1. Annual FERPA Notification

  2. Student Handbook – 2017

  3. Transcript Requests

    1. Withdrawing from School

      3. Withdrawing from School (Updated copy): Students not intending to return to LCAD should complete the Leave of Absence or Permanent Withdraw form located online at https://docs.google.com/a/lcad.edu/forms/d/1lLF–rZsvqiduUGjpkxGTAcHlAhtbb2gWp3xfkDctBQ/viewform. If a student wishes to rescind their withdraw or leave of absence from LCAD, please contact the Registrar at registrar@lcad.edu to formally notify LCAD of your intent to return. The Registrar will assist the student with registration and notify the Office of Financial Aid and the Bursar, accordingly.

  4. Credit Hour Policy

  5. Facilities and Services for Students with Disabilities

    If you’re a student with a diagnosed and documented learning disability, please submit supporting documentation to the Coordinator for Students with Disabilities at lvillanueva@lcad.edu. With documentation, we can better serve, advise, and academically advocate for you. Accommodations may include extended test time, separate testing environment, note-taking assistance, among others.

  6. Student Diversity

    Diversity of the student body to include the percentage of enrolled, full-time students who are:
    Male or female.
    Pell Grant recipients.
    Self-identified members of major racial or ethnic subgroups.

  7. Price of Attendance – BFA and Post Baccalaureate

  8. Price of Attendance – MFA in Drawing and MFA in Painting

  9. Price of Attendance – MFA Art of Game

  10. Textbook Information

    Textbook Information is available for classes that require textbooks at the online LCAD Bookstore

  11. Educational Programs

  12. Instructional Facilities

  13. Faculty

  14. Transfer of Credit Policies

  15. Accreditation, Approval, and Licensure of Institution and Programs

  16. Copyright Infringement − Policies and Sanctions

  17. Computer Use and File Sharing

  18. IT Department Disclosures

  19. Student Activities

    The Student Services Office works in conjunction with Student Government to offer a wide variety of student activities throughout the year. Here is a brief list of some of the student activities that have been done at LCAD:

    Various Beginning of Year Free Food Trucks and Coffee Carts • Major Rush Night
    In N Out Free Food Truck
    Photography Workshops for the Professional Artist
    Annual Halloween Lunch and Costume Contest • Pancake Breakfast
    Museum Tours with Current Artists as Docents • Midterms and Finals Snack Weeks
    Video Game Competition Nights
    Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week • Email Response Free Giveaways
    Blood Drive
    Fiesta Lunch
    Spring Fling Events and Prizes

  20. Career and Job Placement Services

    LCAD provides students with the basic skills and education necessary to prepare them for today’s complex and changing job market.  The College makes every attempt to provide internships to enable students to obtain valuable hands-on experience in the student’s area of interest.  The Career Services staff actively seeks job and internship opportunities for students, graduates and alumni.  In addition, students benefit from the h2 contacts faculty has in industry.  To assist students while they are in school, part-time jobs, internships, competitions, community service and other art related opportunities are posted on the LCAD homepage job board in real-time. Please contact Robin Fuld at rfuld@lcad.edu for more information.

  21. Teacher Preparation Program Report

    Faculty at Laguna College of Art and Design meet at various times of the year to discuss policies, curriculums, and evaluate their teaching methods. All faculty attend orientation the beginning of each semester to review syllabi and review current LCAD policies and procedures. Throughout the year departmental meetings are held by the department chairs to evaluate the current state of the program. Finally, faculty attend a retreat at the culmination of each academic year to review teacher evaluations and effectiveness of teaching methods.

  22. Voter Registration

    For more information please click here

  23. Program Review Policy

    All academic programs offered by the College are subject to systematic program review. The program review process includes, but is not limited to, analyses of student achievement of the program’s learning outcomes; retention, graduation and placement rates; and evidence from external constituencies such as employers. Program reviews are to include input from multiple stakeholders including students, alumni, faculty and external reviewers.

  24. Constitution Day

  • Student Financial Assistance
  1. Notice of Availability of Institutional, State and Federal Financial Aid

  2. Contact Information for Assistance in Obtaining Institutional or Financial Aid Information

  3. Financial Aid Policy

  4. Refund Policy and Requirements for Withdrawal and Return of Federal Financial Aid

    If you have any further questions regarding financial aid or the financial aid process, please contact our Financial Aid office at 949.376.6000, or via email at financialaid@lcad.edu.

  5. Federal Student Financial Aid Penalties for Drug Law Violations

  6. Initial Loan Counseling for Student Borrowers

    All first time federal loan borrowers must complete loan counseling before their loan can be disbursed. Counseling can be completed online at studentloans.gov or in person at the Financial Aid Office.

  7. Exit Counseling for Student Borrowers

    All students that borrow federal loans must complete loan exit counseling when they graduate or drop below half time (6 units). Exit counseling can be completed at NSLDS or in person at the Financial Aid Office.

  8. Preferred Lender Lists

    LCAD does not currently have any private loan preferred lender lists. We do not recommend or endorse any particular private loan lender. You may choose any lender you wish. All federal loans are processed by the Department of Education.

  9. Gainful Employment

    Design + Digital Media
    Fine Arts
    Game Art

  10. Textbook credit for Pell Eligible students

  • Health and Safety
  1. Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program

  2. Vaccination Policies

  3. Campus Safety and Security

  4. Emergency Notification and Information

  5. Missing Student Policy

    Students are required to immediately report missing roommates to the Residence Hall staff. If a student in the Residence Hall is reported missing, LCAD staff will contact the confidential emergency individual listed on the missing student’s Consent For Treatment Form. If the student is under the age of 18, their parent or legal guardian will be contacted and advised. LCAD will notify the appropriate law enforcement agency within 24hrs of the determination that the student is missing.

  6. Sexual Offense Policy

  7. Fire Safety Policies, Fire Statistics and Fire Log (On-Campus Housing Facilities)


  • Student Outcomes
  1. Job Placement Rates for Graduates

  2. 1 Year Retention Rates

  3. 6 Year Graduation Rates

  4. Official Job List