About LCAD

About LCAD


Welcome to Laguna College of Art + Design. This may be the portal to your future.

Located in Laguna Beach for almost 50 years, LCAD is renowned in a city that needs no introductions. But our reputation goes well beyond the beautiful coastal city that has attracted artists for over 100 years.

Our campus provides connections to a far-reaching arts community. Our relationships with California’s creative industry become your relationships.

Coming to LCAD means being among the most talented art students and instructors. It means being in small, intimate classes with cutting-edge computer labs that enable you to integrate your classical training with leading technology. It means you receive the highest caliber of art and design education you can expect. Put simply, coming here means going places.

LCAD has redefined the modern college of art and design. At LCAD, art school is not just a place where you mostly learn the theories behind what makes art and design work. We are a college that teaches you specific skills with tangible outcomes. We lead the way in providing a skills-driven education committed to fundamental principles.

Our track record proves that your mastery of classical skills and modern techniques will create unlimited opportunities. I invite you to join us in helping you create your own success story.


Great art matters.
Great faculty matters
You matter.

Jonathan Burke