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05 / 26 / 17

End of the Year Goodbyes

Hello everyone! I’m sad to inform you that the year has ended and Graduation has past. However, the fun doesn’t stop since the last day. We still have LAFF festival to look forward to! I was there to help out with Graduation and IOH (industry open house) and today is the Warner Brothers LAFF presentation. If you don’t know what LAFF is, it’s Laguna College’s Art Film Festival. It’s where students from all years in animation have a chance to submit their film they worked on from Freshman restaurant scenes to... View Article

Cats Don't Dance
04 / 27 / 17

Major War Results and Cats Don’t Dance

To everyone who reads my posts, I’m sure you’ve been anxiously waiting to hear about Major Wars. It was a close game. Illustration had one point, Drawing and Painting had one point and we had two but only one more game to either tie or take the trophy home. In the first round of games, we played Draw This, a game created by Omar, the Game Art rep. This was the first round we won. The second game was a Name Your Brand (basically trying to guess what the company’s... View Article

Bounce House
03 / 27 / 17

Happy Three Month Late New Year

Hello everyone. I’m sure you have been itching to hear more about what’s going on in the animation department. Here are just a few pictures to catch you up. You can find more on the LCAD Facebook page or the website. Within the first week of coming back, we had welcome back bounce houses set up in the parking lot. Here’s just one photo from the fun.  Only a couple of weeks ago we were blessed to have Ron Clements, John Musker, and Eric Goldberg talk to us about directing... View Article

12 / 07 / 16

Catching Up

CTNX was so much fun! I’m so glad I got to see a lot of LCAD students, alumni and faculty there like David Pruiksma who give a talk at the Beauty and the Beast panel. David Pruiksma is a very accomplished animator who has worked at Disney for 20 years and after leaving Disney came to teach here! If you come to LCAD, you are guaranteed to take his class. (From L-R: Will Finn, Russ Edmonds, David Pruiskma, Dave Zaboski, Andreas Deja, Nik Ranieri, Mike Cedeno, James Baxter, Rick Farmiloe,... View Article

11 / 16 / 16

Halloween fun and upcoming CTNX!

If it wasn’t assumed that an art school would have great costume designs, these pictures should confirm that assumption. Halloween had a great turn out. We had a food truck, mummy wrapping contest, pumpkin bowling and our annual costume contest. Every year I look forward to the costumes and seeing students’ creativity along with faculty who have just as much fun dressing up as the students. Now that Halloween is long since over, animators are scurrying around preparing for CTNX this week. If you don’t know what CTNX is basically imagine Comic... View Article

10 / 22 / 16

Rush Night and visit from Emily Juliano

Hello fellow readers! It’s been a busy month with lots of fun and exciting events around campus. I know I briefly mentioned Rush Night in my previous post, but Rush Night is when all the representatives from the different majors decorate a room with the recent work of students and showcase it to the school. Students from different majors have the chance to see what other students are up to and learn a little bit about the different processes of art. This past Friday for the animation room, I had... View Article

James Baxter
09 / 25 / 16

James Baxter visit!

This past Saturday we had a spectacular visit with James Baxter! We were quite fortunate to have him demonstrate how he animates and answer questions from everyone for several hours. At the end of the presentation, we shot his animation on a down shooter and watched a cat come to life! Here’s the link to his finished animation. James Baxter He was very generous, answering questions, talking to the students, letting them take pictures with him and giving autographs. Our next event will be Rush Night on October 21st. Stay tuned!

09 / 12 / 16

Animation meeting and Events!

This past Saturday we had an animation meeting to introduce the new chair, Sean Bishop, show the seniors’ reels, and announce events coming up. Sean Bishop, a DreamWorks story artist, is a wonderful teacher with a fun personality. For students who haven’t had the chance to meet him yet, I would highly recommend saying hi, also to help him feel welcomed by everyone. We have some really talented seniors this year and lots of great films to watch! Some seniors need help with their films so it’s a chance for... View Article

08 / 30 / 16

Welcome week!

Hello everyone! It was so good to meet most of you during the first week of Orientation and I hope you’ve enjoyed your first two days of class. We had some crazy events and did some really fun activities together. <a

08 / 15 / 16

Summer Introduction 2016!

Hello everyone! Hope your summer was fun and fulfilling. I’m really excited to meet everyone and looking forward to the new year. Here’s just a brief VIDEO I made (hope it’s not too boring) and it shows a little of the amazing talent we have at this school. Click the “Venetia_LCAD Blog” link. Here’s some of my work too if you want to check it out that I did from class assignments and one from Inktober, a voluntary art challenge to draw in ink through all of October. And if you’re... View Article