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07 / 21 / 16

San Diego Comic-Con International

Thanks to the connections I’ve made while being a student at LCAD, I’ve been presented the most incredible opportunity to attend San Diego Comic-Con, one of the most sought after tickets. Back in December, a senior Game Art major, Alex Gonzalez, asked me to join his indie game studio, Grumpy Ogre Studio, as their main graphic designer. The team mostly consists of LCAD students. As a member of the team, I created the trailer for Shell Shock: The Game, along with collaborating on various marketing material. Be sure to check... View Article

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06 / 06 / 16

NCCWSL Scholarship Trip

As I mentioned in my earlier blog posts, I was hand picked to receive a full scholarship from AAUW Laguna Beach to be one of 900 women from around the world to attend The National Conference For College Women Student Leaders at The University of Maryland. I wasn’t able to blog while I was on my trip because I couldn’t connect my laptop to wifi so I’ll break this post down day by day! Day 1: I woke up at 2AM to catch my 4AM flight to embark on my... View Article

04 / 08 / 16

GoPro, PLG + Print Fair

The Design + Digital Media Program is always busy doing super cool things. This past Saturday a group of LCAD Design Majors took a road trip to CalArts to participate in their annual print fair. Sam sold Photographs, Ridan sold adorable little pins and cards, Christine sold handmade booklets and Claire sold handmade inspirational galaxy cards.  It was a great networking opportunity for all of the students and to see how different the CalArts program is run.    This week Michel Borden and Katie Kilbride from GoPro and one of... View Article

03 / 03 / 16

Gemma O’Brien, SIMA Rebrand & More!

The talented letterer and typographer from Sydney Australia, Gemma O’Brien, also known as Mrs. Eaves, is visiting Laguna Beach to cover the LCAD Gallery in several large scale, hand-painted typographic instillations.  7 students were chosen to assist her with painting the details in 6 days. I had the opportunity meet her the night she began to work in the gallery and she is as sweet and down to earth as she is talented.  I was lucky enough to film the first couple days of her process and I was amazed by... View Article

02 / 08 / 16

Introducing Alexis Lanz

Allow me to introduce myself: My name is Alexis Lanz and I’m the Design + Digital Media Student Government Representative. I am a second-semester sophomore in LCAD’s Design + Digital Media with an Emphasis in Action Sports program, and, starting today, I’m taking over the Design + Digital Media student blog! Originally, I wanted to major in Fashion Design. Shortly after realizing that I didn’t want a career in fashion design, I stumbled upon LCAD in a Google search. After researching the school, I became intrigued by both the Design +... View Article

03 / 18 / 15

How to Avoid Getting Burnt Out: Design Edition

In exactly two months, I, and all the other second semester seniors, will be walking across the graduation stage and accepting a piece of paper we worked 4+ years for! But until then, there’s still a lot of work/projects/finals to be done. It definitely seems daunting but here are some handy tips to keep you from pulling your hair out during those sleepless nights: 1. Take your eyes off the screen: Studies show that we spend 12 hours a day looking at screens, but for LCAD students, it’s probably more with... View Article

03 / 16 / 15

Drive by Press brings printmaking to LCAD!

Hi everyone, congratulations on making it through midterms in one piece! Two weeks ago, Drive by Press came to LCAD to work with the Design + Digital Media department. Drive by Press is a completely mobile printmaking studio “built to promote the growth and democratization of art through printmaking. ” Their work focuses on hand craftsmanship and old school production techniques. Drive by Press was founded in 2005 by Gregory Nanney and Joseph Velasquez. It began as an art project imagined to spread the process and use of printmaking at a few schools... View Article

03 / 10 / 15

LCAD Action Sports @ Stance HQ

Today the Action Sport Business, Culture + Brand class at LCAD had the opportunity to check out the headquarters of Stance, a sock company based in San Clemente. Although the brand is only 5 years old, over 1,000 stores carry their products and they release 1,600 styles a year. Their amazing space reflects the brand’s focus on good design and their belief that good work happens when employees have a healthy and fun work environment. We got the grand tour from co-founder and chief creative officer, Aaron Hemmings. He has over 20 years... View Article

03 / 08 / 15


(photos by Abram Goglanian) Hi everyone, hope your semester is coming along well! As often as we can, we break ourselves away from our computer screens and take field trips to places that inspire us and inform our own design work. Last week the Design + Digital Media senior portfolio class had the awesome privilege of visiting the award-winning, world-renowned design and architecture firm RTKL in downtown Los Angeles. We got a tour of their offices from Kevin Horn, RTKL’s vice president and former colleague of design professor Dana Herkelrath.... View Article

02 / 26 / 15

LCAD @ the Wearable Technology Salon

Hi everyone! I, and two other LCAD students, just got back from the Bixel Exchange Fashion & Wearable Technology Salon held at Maker City LA, a very cool collaborative and creative workspace in downtown LA. The event was all about blending fashion, function, and technology. The Design + Digital Media Honors Lab class is currently working on a project involving wearable technology so tonight was the perfect way to kick off our ideation stage. (Photos by Ricardo Imperial) The keynote speaker was Steve Soboroff, the Los Angeles Police Commissioner. He and Sergeant Jason Liguori... View Article