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08 / 26 / 16

Game Art Summer Introduction 2016

Hey guys how’s it going! Hope you guys had a blast of a summer and are ready to start back up the school year! Looking forward to representing Game Art this year and really hoping that everyone has the best time at LCAD. If anybody was interested here’s my website and show some artwork that I’ve done at LCAD over the past two years Also to pump people up for the year, I thought I’d share LCAD’s own Games Matter video. Stay Schwifty everybody!      

03 / 04 / 16

Workshops, Internships & Aesthetics, oh my!

Hey Guys! It’s time for an update from the Game Art side of LCAD!   First up, I want to mention the awesome workshop hosted by Hasbro this past month! Senior Product Development Manager, Lane Feuer, stopped by our school to give us some one-on-one tips on creating fun, dynamic and solid Zbrush sculpts! The process of going from concept art to a digital sculpture that will be used for creating 3D-printed action figures can be a little daunting, but his advice gave our students some incredible support and encouragement.... View Article

02 / 10 / 16

Hello, hello!

Hey Guys! My name is Megan Tompkins, and I am currently the Game Art Student Government Representative! I am kicking off my first semester as a senior undergraduate, emphasizing in 3D Character. As of this month (February), I will be running the Game Art student blog! I guess I’ll give some of my background to get this started. I actually first started college over at Maryland Institute College of Art in 2009. I went into their animation program with a vague idea of what I wanted in an art career,... View Article

02 / 02 / 15

Welcome Back!

Hey everybody. Hope your semester is off to a great start and that you had a nice break. If you haven’t been to one yet, I highly recommend attending one of the Game Art workshops this semester. Not only can you see industry professionals give live demos, but you also get the opportunity to receive feedback on your work. This can provide additional critiques for those of you who need to submit your advancement reviews. You also get to see the level of work being done in the industries to... View Article

09 / 25 / 14

Useful Links for Projects

Hey guys!   We are already 4 weeks in which means just one thing, Midterms are around the corner! For those of you who are already getting your projects assigned, I thought I would share with you guys some useful links. They range from tutorial videos that I have discovered, and other websites that have been shared with me. I highly recommend bookmarking any of these you find useful.   This guy is by far one of my favorite tutorial go to guys. He does step-by-step demos on his paint... View Article

08 / 26 / 14

The new semester is almost here!

Hey Everybody! My name is Kate and I am currently headed into my last semester as a Sophomore in the Game Art major at LCAD. If you see me around campus, don’t hesitate to say hello. I love meeting new people. I’ve been currently attending this school for a year. For those of you who will be joining us in the fall, you will be amazed at how much you will learn in just your first year at being here. Game Art is truly and amazing program.   Hope everyone’s... View Article

04 / 03 / 14

March’s 2014 Alumni Workshop

Hey everyone!      March has come to an end, but lets not forget how it started: with exciting events! I’ll be honest, the Saturday Alumni Workshop was the biggest Game Art event I’ve ever attended in my four years of bein’ at LCAD. Workshops from 9am to 4pm from five of our school’s graduates? Crazy! Room 5 was so full of people they set up a stream to Room 4 just so everyone could watch.      But that wasn’t all! A day before, on February 28th, Blizzard Entertainment hosted an LCAD Alumni... View Article

01 / 21 / 14

Spring 2014!

The 2014 spring semester has arrived! Welcome back everyone! I’m Lara Colson, a second semester senior in Game Art. It’s my final semester here, which is pretty neat but also pretty terrifying. It’s been cool though, like for reals. The school itself has been gradually evolving since I first started attending. Main campus isn’t full of bees anymore, the libary’s way bigger, there are dorms now(!), and so on. It’s a little entertaining to see what’s changed between semester. Like, did you know that theres a bunch of computers where... View Article

02 / 26 / 13

Weapons with Xan

Last Saturday was Samurai night at LCAD. Xan came in and brought all kinds of interesting weapons from Japanese katanas to tribal shields. The night was a fun experience because we did not only get to draw but also learned a lot about the functionality and fighting styles of the various weapons. Moreover we all got some hands on experience in fighting styles and modeling. Holding a sword in a difficult pose for a few minutes is way more challenging than you would think. An on campus kendo class with... View Article

11 / 14 / 12

Midterm Update

Hi guys, this post has been overdue for a while! Midterms are over now and I wanted to take the opportunity to show some work that I did for some of my classes. The majority of the environment paintings are for Environment design with Nathan Fowkes and Colin Geller. All the Architecture is for Bob Donnatucci’s Architectural Visualization class. More details soon, only a few weeks to go to finals. Best of luck to all of you!