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Welcome Week
01 / 25 / 17

Back to School

Coming back to school after being on vacation is bittersweet, although having fun activities to look forward to after coming back definitely makes the experience more sweet than anything else. Student government, through Doug Davee with student life and activities, decided to come up with a wacky scheme: renting out a bouncy house, sumo wrestler outfits, and a kind of obstacle course.  Being at an art school, where you’re encouraged to pursue your dreams simply by attending, feels a lot like getting back in touch with the child inside your... View Article

12 / 21 / 16

Making Memories

It was the spring semester of 2016 when I came across a small ad on the billboard in the courtyard at Main Campus. Call for artists, it said. “Seeking entries for art exhibition.” I reached out to the e-mail that was provided, curious and intrigued. The program is called “Memories in the Making” and is held through Alzheimer’s Orange County, or Alzoc. Their purpose? To provide awareness for Alzheimer’s in the community. Though I personally have not had family affected by the silent killer, as it is deemed, I felt... View Article

Pile of prints
12 / 12 / 16

Words, Images, Ideas, and Field Trips

Though not a required class for all three facets of the illustration major, those with the Drawing and Painting emphasis and those with the solid Illustration track eventually take a class called “Words, Images and Ideas” which, in the catalog, is explained as a course that gives the student “hands-on opportunities to explore the interaction of words and images.” Basically, it’s a sort of introductory course to typography for illustrators, by combining the concepts used by designers, such as the importance of font choice and making clean design, while integrating it... View Article

Selling framed prints
12 / 09 / 16

Selling & Swapping

  For only a couple of years, Laguna College of Art and Design has hosted an event aptly called the “Sell and Swap.” It was an idea that came about due to some students wanting to find a way to get their artwork out there, not only with their fellow students, but with the community. This fall semester, LCAD held a Holiday Sell and Swap just before the end of the school year where more than a dozen students signed up to sell some of their artwork, from hand-designed greeting... View Article

Right before the finish; working back-to-front.
10 / 14 / 16

Laguna Plein Air Paint Out

          American painter Edward Hopper said about painting: “If you could say it in words, there would be no reason to paint.”  Every year, the Laguna Plein Air Painters Association, or LPAPA for short, holds an invitational. This year being the 18th annual. Having our school provide the opportunity to partner with an organization such as LPAPA is incredible due to the connections it offers between student and professional. Their organization also offers membership opportunities to students, which then provides the possibility to participate in their... View Article

One of Guillermo Del Toro's characters.
09 / 09 / 16

At Home With Monsters … and Other Fun Stuff

For a lifetime SoCal resident, to not have visited LACMA or any of the other incredible museums in the Los Angeles County is a real shame. I decided to change that over the three-day Labor Day weekend, and took to the streets of L.A. with some friends in tow. I was excited about seeing some of the things that I’ve seen only in photos, or in movies. L.A. is a hub for the arts, it was bound to be a moving experience. We arrived and the first thing we saw... View Article

09 / 01 / 16

Introducing Wendy Gracia

Something about being at Laguna College of Art and Design creates a feeling of being somewhere like home. Coming to school here, I feel, has really made my love for the arts grow. Which is one of my big reasons for wanting to run for the representative position for my major. Over the past two years that I have spent at this school, I have seen strangers becoming friends, art students become full-fledged artists, and I have really had the pleasure of watching my peers blossom and flourish. From participating in school... View Article

03 / 02 / 16


Hi again everyone! This week I want to talk about using Instagram to our advantage as illustrators! All social media platforms are important in their own ways, but I have found Instagram to be something special that you should all be utilizing. We are so lucky to live in a time where our work can be viewed instantly by thousands of people, along with easy access to our contact information, online shops, portfolio, etc. Many employers and potential clients peruse Instagram for artists daily. In fact, this is where I... View Article

02 / 18 / 16

Hello From Lydia Fenwick!

Hello everyone! My name is Lydia Fenwick and I am your Illustration Student Government Rep! I will be taking over the Illustration blog during this final semester of mine at LCAD, and hope I can share my experience with you all. But first, I suppose I should introduce myself! I am an Illustration with Emphasis in Entertainment Design major and am 24 years old. Why am I 24 and not the typical 21/22-year-old senior? Because I did things a bit differently after high school, which maybe some of you did... View Article

10 / 02 / 15

Illustration Spotlight – Chris Kiklowicz

Chris Kiklowicz is a sophomore majoring in Illustration with an emphasis in Entertainment.  His work immediately stands out among his peers, and so does his dedication to his personal work, which he produces along side the never ending assignments due in class. Chris is working hard to become an accomplished storyteller and comic book artist; he has a wide range of interests in the entertainment industry, and at the rate he’s pushing, he will surely reach the light at the end of the tunnel… any minute now. Currently Chris is producing a... View Article